我有2022年的招聘计划? 可行可以帮助你的招聘步入正轨. 去“可行”旅游吧!


第一部分 这个hackerearth主办的博客系列讨论DEI, 你在工作场所的DEI战略的初步框架, 并强调多元化招聘的重要性,而不是一次性的努力. Unless there is an ongoing dialogue going where people from different walks of life exchange thoughts, 经历, 和想法, 人们对这个话题的认识还不够. 在这篇文章中,正规网赌软件下载谈到 积极的歧视.


Those organizations that are taking their diversity and inclusion efforts seriously should understand that one area makes up a crucial part of it – 积极的歧视. 如果做得好, 它有可能从整体上改善你公司的多元化招聘实践.

由于工作场所的多样性持续受到阻碍,原因是 招聘的偏见在美国,积极的歧视对于推动这一事业更为重要. 那正规网赌软件下载开始吧,好吗? #一些101!


The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the term “积极的歧视” is the lack of awareness around this subject. 这是什么意思, 它从何而来, 为什么需要它, 是否可以将其添加到你们公司的DEI政策中?

通过定义, 积极的歧视 refers to preferential treatment demonstrated with the 意图 of bringing an underrepresented group (who possess one or more protected characteristics) to a level of equity in the workplace.

definition of 积极的歧视: "the practice of improving the educational and job opportunities of members of groups that have not been treated fairly in the past because of their race, 性, 等.韦氏词典这样写道

无论是积极的还是消极的,它仍然是一种歧视. 正规网赌软件下载为什么要这样做呢?

要理解为什么需要积极的歧视, 正规网赌软件下载需要对自己进行公平教育, 平等, 以及它们之间的区别. 平等意味着每个人或群体都有相同的资源或机会, 哪个考虑了所有人都平等的理想情况.

Addressing the imbalance of marginalized groups in our workplaces is only possible through equity. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the necessary resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.


  1. 一个社区的会议, 社区的所有成员都被邀请到哪里, about a local environmental health concern is held in English although 30% of the residents do not speak English.
  2. 在另一个社区会议上, community leaders hire translators to attend the meeting or offer an additional meeting held in another language.

第一种情况对每个人都一视同仁。, 这并不能保证对所有成员都有积极的结果. The second instance recognizes the individual needs of the members and takes proactive steps to meet those needs equitably.


创造一个安全公平的工作场所,从雇佣员工开始. That's why we've developed solutions to cultivate inclusivity and support diversity at every stage of the hiring process.



在一段时间内, 我个人在工作中经历过必须学习的情况, and then unlearn to strongly move away from the word ‘平等’ and associate the word ‘equity’ with inclusion and diversity instead. 正因为如此,我相信要积极区分“公平”.


Positive discrimination can apply to any person who has at least one of the protected characteristics. The policy was put into place in the 1960s to level the playing field for historically discriminated/overlooked groups. 这项政策有九个受保护的特征:

  1. 年龄
  2. 残疾
  3. 变性
  4. 婚姻或民事伴侣关系
  5. 怀孕和生育
  6. 比赛
  7. 宗教或信仰
  8. 性取向


Positively discriminating for equity can lead to dramatically good outcomes for marginalized communities. The practices a company implements to foster inclusion in the workplace directly help in fostering 积极的歧视 in the workplace. 我个人看到的积极歧视的例子有:

  • Hiring drive specifically for women candidates to increase the pool of candidates at the source and further gender (women) diversity
  • 专门针对女性的职业发展计划, 增加高层女性领导的渠道和性别比例

Such practices help you understand the gaps in your workforce and improve workforce equity so you will be better equipped to make strategic hiring decisions.


在HackerEarth, our 意图 and approach focus on inclusion with the end goal of achieving equity in the workplace. 为了把这一点作为正规网赌软件下载工作的核心,以下是正规网赌软件下载在工作中执行的一些政策:

正规网赌软件下载专门举办宣传会议,讨论如何使用正确的性别代词, spread awareness about gender stereotypes and the need to accept non-binary employees into the workforce, 并涉及到工作场所的包容行为, 其他的话题


讽刺的是, 当正规网赌软件下载第一次开始讨论将假期纳入正规网赌软件下载的假期政策时, 我很犹豫. There were two reasons for this – one was that periods don’t give me acute pain/cramps or discomfort so I can handle it pretty well. The other was we would be showing preference to one gender by giving time off so should we also do something for men, 只是为了保持平衡?

我不得不思考, 评估, 并且公正地接受正规网赌软件下载之间的差异和相似之处, 尽管是同性. 而所有的女人都有经期, 并不是所有的反应都一样, 这就是为什么正规网赌软件下载需要根据需要提供个人资源. 同样的道理也适用于男性. 作为性别, we are biologically different and will require a separate set of resources to attain the end goal of 平等 and foster an inclusive workplace.

这是我第一次与股权对. 不平等的冲突,不用说,从那以后,我一直站在公平政策的一边.


1. 你做过DEI研究吗

在你盲目地开始你的DEI之旅之前,你应该做你的研究. 公司必须自我教育 他们目前在多元化招聘方面处于什么位置, 对过去和现在的公司进行行业研究,以及社会学研究. This helps identify gaps in the existing workforce and a better understanding of the 策略 you should devise. 回归基本 多样性和包容性对你的公司意味着什么,并以此为基础.

2. 实现一个共享的词汇表

围绕要使用的正确代词创建一个共享词典, 以及他们在你的组织中应该知道的重要的DEI概念 并解释意思 ——是建立股权的第一种方式. 通过将共享词汇融入工作场所, 雇员和雇主都更有可能确定什么是可以接受的,什么是不能接受的.

3. 选择那些相信公平事业的领导人

Identify champions for DEI and 积极的歧视 at senior leadership and top management levels. 他们是能够自上而下传达政策和价值观的人, 确保这是一个优先事项, 并在行为上成为员工效仿的榜样. 也, higher levels of a company should reflect the diversity of their employees to be a truly inclusive workplace. 数据很清楚: DEI的领导对成功至关重要.

4. 将积极歧视融入你的策略

在HackerEarth,包容是正规网赌软件下载做任何事情的核心. 正规网赌软件下载相信在工作场所实现公平不是一朝一夕就能实现的. It has to be woven into the threads of the entire organization to successfully build an inclusive culture. 综合运用领导力培训, 行为指导, 并计划将积极的公平歧视融入到你的策略中. 让人们使用正确的语言, 让他们说出不被接受的行为, 并使他人对这些行为敏感. Don’t restrict spreading awareness to only on the marginalized groups – include concepts like ‘allyship’ and 积极的歧视.

5. 就积极的歧视保持持续的对话

Use research and learnings from other companies to start the conversation with your employees who are invested in this cause. Creating an inclusive workplace is creating an organizational culture of belonging that invites and values the contribution and participation of all their people.

在HackerEarth, 这就是为什么我决定保持开放的对话来交换思想的原因之一, 意见, 并从不同的角度来思考 我的LinkedIn通道.


Practicing 积极的歧视 to simply fill a company quota is as harmful as taking up diversity hiring just to meet some numbers. 它会在无意中延续偏见,并影响公司的士气.

就我个人而言,这里的诀窍是在头脑中保持公平,不要忽视这一点. And then use 积极的歧视 to create better opportunities and visibility for underrepresented groups.

The main word to place the spotlight on here would be “to be given equal opportunity / visibility.“使用优点的镜头,相应地为所有考虑的候选人. 练习 意图 不仅仅是为了它.

用她自己的话说:作为一名人力资源专业人士, I’m fiercely passionate about the value I add to the individuals and teams that I associate myself with. 绝对喜欢从事组织发展、变革和转型管理工作. “文化转型”和“包容”是我最喜欢谈论的几个话题. My personal style and approach come from the interest and passion that I share for art and various forms of mind-body expression. 我坚信要挑战现状, 无论是每天倒立一次(阅读瑜伽), 或者站起来,就正规网赌软件下载工作场所的多样性和包容性发表我的观点.


可操作性帮助各种规模的公司进行大规模招聘. 从今天开始,