我有2022年的招聘计划? 可行可以帮助你的招聘步入正轨. 去“可行”旅游吧!


Let’s admit it – while you’re the expert in your own field (whether that’s recruitment or another function in your company), that doesn’t always mean you’re also an expert on assessing candidates’ personalities and cognitive capabilities.

你也不应该. 由于它们的抽象性质, 个性和认知能力不像, 说, 应聘者的编程技能或 能够完成一个有利可图的销售交易.

但即使是最抽象的测试, there are still best practices that can ensure you can learn what you need to know about a candidate.

进入科学技术领域. 因为你正在数字化地改变你的整个招聘流程, 你可以也应该将你的评估数字化. Plus, you want to have a standardized process like in every other stage in the recruitment process.

Workable’s cognitive and personality assessments are specifically designed to fit in seamlessly within that environment to ensure you make the right hire for your business. 你可以在以下五个方面对应聘者进行测试:

  1. 工作场所的个性
  2. 抽象推理
  3. 语言理解能力
  4. 数字的理解
  5. 注意 & 焦点

首先, 当然, 人格评估, 而其他四个是用来评估认知能力的.

这些测试不是一时兴起设计的. A great deal of background and research – including input from international psychology experts – have gone into the design and development of these tests.

We know you want to ensure these assessments are valid and rooted in science before using them in your recruitment process, so we’ll give you some quick highlights to save you the time of researching the deeper material. 一旦你理解了科学, you can then think about how you might include them in your process – please see our resources at the end that can help you with that.


Workable’s personality assessment is deeply rooted in scientific methods, and is built on the 五因素人格测验模型 作为人格的实际模型被世界心理学界接受.

The five factors come from statistical analysis of the adjectives used to describe people across five dimensions – and have been translated to many languages and cultures. 它们是:

  1. 宜人性
  2. 责任心
  3. 外向性
  4. 经验的开放性
  5. 情绪稳定(或神经质)

这些因素有时被称为首字母缩写OCEAN或CANOE. 它们不是基于非此即彼的衡量方法, 而是, 测试者在一个尺度或连续体上的位置. 在科学上,它与健康预测有关, 教育和在职行为, 这就使得它成为一个有价值的测试来评估一个职位的候选人.

可操作性的五因素模型版本更深入, analyzing 16 additional areas that are selected and modified to be most relevant in the selection process. Workable’s personality assessments have also been analyzed for consistency using 克伦巴赫的alpha测试 和其他指标. 简单讲一下, this is a common statistical analysis designed to ensure the validity of Likert scale surveys (i.e. 滑动测量或连续测量).

许多问题已经从公共领域被采纳 国际个性项目库(IPIP)在850多份已发表的研究报告中,这些调查问卷都包含在调查问卷中. The IPIP scales have demonstrated high internal consistency metrics along with strong correlations with the scales of many established personality questionnaires. (你可以在这里进行比较.) This further validates many of the scales we measure in our personality assessments.


由Psycholate的测试专家专业设计, Workable’s cognitive assessments are likewise modeled after common cognitive tests in the industry.

The verbal and numerical comprehension question sets have been professionally designed by testing experts, and cross-checked by psychologists with a background in psychometrics to ensure validity and accuracy. Other tests were also performed including the above-mentioned IRT testing and parameter estimation, and items that met the criteria were added to the abstract reasoning and attention & 焦点问题银行.

同时,对于抽象推理和注意 & 重点评估测试, 创建并测试了多个原型, contributing to the final version that a candidate sees when they take these tests. 再一次, these tests were professionally tested and reviewed by psychology experts to ensure each test meets psychometric and industry standards of quality.

克伦巴赫的alpha测试 在设计和试验阶段也应用了吗.


这些测试不是简单地通过“正确”和“不正确”的答案来评分的. 相反,他们利用了公认的 项目反应理论(IRT) 框架. It uses complex statistical algorithms with each question having a measured level of difficulty and quality metric based on historical data.

所有四项认知评估测试的评分均使用 预期后验(EAP), 它允许对回答的每个问题进行实时评分, 并根据评分更新即将出现的问题. 这意味着下一个问题是基于之前的答案提出的.

An adaptive test will estimate the candidate’s ability after every new response based on answers up to that point. It will then adjust and display the most suitable or relevant question to match that just-estimated ability level. 作为一个结果, 自适应测试更短,因为它只问必要的问题, 而不会给候选人带来可能不相关的问题.

也, 不像预先设置的问题数量的测试, an adaptive test decides when to stop based on answers received up to that point. IRT scoring offers not only a score for the ability of a candidate; our assessments can also calculate the positive or negative quality of this score via the 标准测量误差(SEm).

显然,基于更多项目的得分更可靠. So Workable’s adaptive tests will stop once a candidate’s score reaches a satisfactory and measurable level (i.e. 一个足够低的SEm)或当一个最大数量的问题(例如, 20)已达到保护测试内容的目的.

This all ultimately means that each individual candidate will experience a different and unique set of questions. 以及其他措施, this ultimately assures test security: It’s practically impossible to replicate the exact same test or create a cheat sheet to assist in ‘passing’ a test.

There are safeguards in place to ensure that the same question isn’t asked twice in the same assessment.


这是, 当然, just a summarization of the main science and methodology that have provided the foundation on which Workable Assessments is built. Now that you have a high-level understanding of the science behind the tests and what they’re testing for, it’s now time to think about how you might incorporate that as an essential tool in your hiring toolbox.

If you’re interested in learning more about our assessments feature – or even taking it for a test drive – 别犹豫,正规网赌软件下载.

最后, if you’d like to learn more about some of the concerns around assessments from a candidate’s perspective and why you needn’t worry, 正规网赌软件下载将在本文中讨论这个问题. 同时,这里有一个关于 如何进行人格评估面试.


可操作性帮助各种规模的公司进行大规模招聘. 从今天开始,